Martina Ježková


Martina Jezkova is a senior physiotherapist at the Motol Hospital, Department of Rehabilitation, Charles University, in Prague, Czech Republic. She completed her physiotherapy training in the Czech Republic.  She also has completed numerous professional courses including the Brügger approach, the functional assessment and treatment according to Mojžíšová for pelvic floor and musculoskeletal conditions, Klapp Crawling for scoliosis treatment, and kinesiotaping. Since 2004 she has served as a certified instructor in musculoskeletal techniques according to Professor Karel Lewit. She is also a certified Vojta Therapist for newborns, children, and adult patients.

Martina has worked extensively with Professor Pavel Kolar at Motol Hospital for many years. She has advanced training in the application of Dr. Kolar’s Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) therapy in clinical settings as well as for elite athletes.  She is in high demand as an instructor, inspiring her students with her joyful and positive skilled teaching style, which she has applied to teaching DNS and yoga courses worldwide. As a qualified yoga teacher, she has integrated her knowledge of DNS with yoga when teaching both in private classes and therapeutic outpatient classes at Motol Hospital. She has been teaching “Yoga in Rehabilitation” courses in the Czech Republic for the last 5 years, and as the popularity of her classes grew she has been invited to teach this topic for osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists in Canada, Europe, Australia, the United States and now Asia.